A Moroccan lamp shade is ancient handmade craft from copper metal or bronze for decorating Moroccan houses, schools and streets, this is made from a Bronze or Copper metal, Moroccan lamp shade is made in Fes- Safarine and also is Meknes and Marrakech.

The Moroccan lamp shade manufacture processing is fun to learn and easily make, whereby the lamp shade craft man get a white paper (cardboard) and make any design of his choice, after that, he wrap the design cardboard around the copper steal or the bronze metal, then he punch out holes through the outline of the design made on the cardboard with a metal compass, then he cuts out the design from the copper or bronze with  a cutting saw, whereby some craft men simply gum the designed cardboard on the copper metal or bronze and cut out the design to make a cute looking Moroccan lamp shade.

Moroccan Metal Lamp Shade

A Moroccan lamp shade are design in different ways with different shapes, such as triangular shapes, paramedic shapes, rectangular shapes, circular shapes and many more of choice shape .And Moroccan metal lamp shade can also be design in a multiple shape in a single lamp, this are mostly used to table decoration or floor decoration. These designs are so beautiful that will make u purchase for one to use t for your house decoration.

Moroccan metal lamp shade are mostly found in the ancient house of Moroccan and their streets too, such as Old Fes (Medina qadimah), and also use to design the ancient Mosques, such as Mosque Al-Quoraouyine, Mosque Babu Giza, Zawiya Sidi Ahmad Tijany and many more Old blessed Mosques.

The Moroccan lamp shade are also used in decorating the ancient Madrasa (school), such as Madrasa Safarin, Madrasa Attorin, Madrasa Buonaniya, Madrasa Sharattin, and so ,many other Old Madrasas in the ancient city of Fes.

Customers can purchase the Moroccan lamp shade throughout the world. To prove and show to the nice work of Moroccan lamps for decades . Most developed country order for Moroccan metal lamp shade to decorate their various houses and establishments.