Moroccan Lamps Factory is a company that manufactures a diverse collection of traditional lamps, founded in 2016, and situated in Fes city which is well known for its multiple handmade crafts.
Moroccan culture is a melting pot that includes numerous civilization and cultures, for example, the Moorish, Andalusian, Jewish, Almoradives, as well as the Islamic tradition.
Our lamps are a combination of traditional with a twist of modernity that can fit in any interior design theme.
Our Moroccan lamps are made of high-quality materials such as silver, brass, copper, glass, metal…etc.
With professional skilled hands, the raw materials are modelled and shaped into the wanted shape using ancient techniques and tools that were inherited from generation to generation.
The pieces are handed over to other craftsmen that will carve different patterns inspired by the Moroccan architecture, Moroccan Culture, Moroccan patterns…etc.
In the end, we have a unique piece of lighting ready to be instaled and to light your interior in a fashionable way.
These were the steps our Moroccan Lamps goes through, to result in different kinds of Lamps such as ceiling pendant with different materials, wall lamps, nightstand lamps, floor pendants…etc.
We also deal with companies for a wholesale, depending on the quantity of order we make sure to deliver safe and fast handicrafts.
Moroccan Lamps Factory grants you the most wonderful lamps to light your interior with bohemian Moroccan yet sophisticated twist.