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Lamracha Floor Light

Lamracha Floor Light


Our Moroccan Lamps Factory produce:

  • We can pain it in any color you desire.
  • We can make you any shape or size you want.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Original and unique design.
  • Professional shipping service.


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Lamracha Floor Light – Lamracha Floor Lamp – Moroccan Floor Light

Lamracha Floor Light or Lamracha Floor Lamp is a beautiful artwork that will charm you, made of high-quality brass and perforated with tiny motifs and patterns that made this lamp more mysterious, you can put it on a floor or on a table.

We provide you a collection of the most exquisite Moroccan lamps. It’s an excellent way to change completely your atmosphere from boring and tiresome to vibrant and joyful.
You will fall in love with the Lamracha Floor Light. This enchanting piece made with great accuracy and craftsmanship. Employing the old methods inherited from generation to generation in order to give you a fabulous flawless result.
Lamracha Floor Light adds a magical Moroccan flair that will make your place unique and glamorous. In various sizes, shapes, and colors. We can also make you any style you desire.

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