Moroccan decor

The exquisite Moroccan decor is one of the unique & glamorous decors around the world, due to  Morocco’s rich culture. Famous by bold & vibrant colors,

Romantic, marvelous design, geometrical forms, fascinating openworks, high craftsmanship, & the soothing feeling.

With the Moroccan decor, you don’t need to travel the world to get a flavor of Moroccan enchantment. the Moroccan lighting is sufficient to transform your home completely, & add some mystery and extraordinary sensation to your interior or exterior design, besides their strange way of fitting with any design.

Lighting is an important component of Moroccan decor, will make your home so mystical & dreamy. Are handcrafted, decorated with amazing openworks with various patterns, motifs, & colorful glass. In order to reflect a dazzling display of shadows and light. It offers a special sensation to give your space warmth and in the same time relaxation

You can use the Moroccan hanging lamps, the table lamps, the floor lamps, the wall lamps, & the ceiling lamps. All this categories you can place them in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, floor corners, home entrances, staircases, lobbies, in gardens, in every place you want in your home indoor or outdoor, are handmade by the best talented craftsman with unique and ancient Moroccan technics which are inherited from generation to generation, will create an Arabian night fantasy feeling, for a fascinating Moroccan decor.

If you are planning to change and add a new relaxing & exciting atmosphere to your home. The Moroccan lighting is the best choice to add a blend of harmony to your space, mesmerizing pieces of artwork that will light your space. & at the same time will give a stunning Moroccan decor with its design and shape.